Alex Stoyanov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in July 1980. He began playing the piano in 1986. In 1987 he entered the National Musical School "Lubomir Pipkov" in Sofia with principal instrument flute. He studied music there and graduated in 1999 with a degree in Music Performance and Pedagogy. In the same year he entered the highly prestigious National Academy of Music "Pancho Vladigerov" in Sofia. He studied with the world famous jazz flutist Simeon Shterev. In 2001 Alex moved to Boston and began preparation for entering Berklee College of Music. After receiving a "World Tour" scholarship he began classes in 2004. At Berklee he studied flute with the dean of Performance Division Matt Marvuglio, Fernando Brandao, Wendy Rolfe. He also studied with Hal Crook and David Santoro. Over the years he participated in many concerts, recording sessions, and music activities inside and outside Berklee. In 2006 he received the highly prestigious "Kenney Endowed scholarship" which is given to only one student every year. Alex graduated from Berklee College of Music in May 2008 with a degree in Music Performance. Since graduating from college Alex has been focusing on various aspects of his music career including performing with a number of local jazz ensembles, composing and also helping other musicians with setting up music performances at local venues. In the years after graduating Alex has had the honor of performing with artists such as Steve Winwood, Howard Shore, Alan Silvestri, Rosa Passos, Philip Bailey and more. As he got to participate in many local bands and orchestras, Alex developed many relationships with local musicians and venues so he has been focusing extensively in assisting musicians with finding work at local clubs, festivals, orchestras etc.